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Žibintuvėlis XTAR WK18 Pacer- 1000 lm

Žibintuvėlis XTAR WK18 Pacer- 1000 lm
Žibintuvėlis XTAR WK18 Pacer- 1000 lm Žibintuvėlis XTAR WK18 Pacer- 1000 lm
Gamintojas: XTAR
Kodas: WK18
Yra sandėlyje
Kaina: 30.98€
Be PVM: 25.60€
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High-quality Flashlight
Xtar WK18 Pacer


Key Features
• Cree XM-L2 LED
• Light output-1000 lumen
• Light Range-150 meters
• OP Reflector
• 6N01 Aviation Aluminum Enclosure
• Waterproof-IPX8


Xtar is a renowned manufacturer of high quality Li-ion rechargeable battery chargers, flashlights and lithium batteries. Xtar products are sold in more than 120 countries, including mines IN the USA, Germany, Japan and Russia. For the production of Chargers Xtar uses the highest quality materials-from the plastic casing to the efficient electronics. All Xtar Chargers HAVE CE certification required on European markets.


The Xtar WK18 Pacer is a high-quality compact flashlight with an original CREE XM-L2 LED light with 1000 lumen output and a 150-metre range. The finely finished, perfectly folded WK18 flashlight casing is made from a high-Quality 6n01 drop-resistant aviation aluminum alloy with a height of 1.5 m. The design has been sealed in O-rings to provide IPX8 protection (waterproof to 1m). High-quality contacts and two springs provide a very good battery contact and high shock resistance.

Unlike most competing flashlights, Xtar has used a high-quality OP-structure reflector (orange peel), which, compared to a standard (smooth) reflector, generates a much smoother and More pleasant to the eye.

The WK18 offers five operating modes:
• 1000 lumen, lighting time: 3.1 hours
• 300 lumen, lighting time: 4.5 hours
• 60 lumen, lighting time: 28 hours
• 1 lumen, lighting time: 47 days
• Blinking
In addition, the flashlight switch allows for temporary work.

The Pacer Torch can be used with a single lithium-ion battery of 18650 size, two 16340 lithium-ion batteries OR two CR123 lithium batteries. Batteries and accumulators are not included in the kit.


Product data
Product Code WK18/Pacer
Light source Cree XM-L2 U3
Light output 1000 lumen
Light Range 150 metres
Power 1x 18650 Li-Ion battery or
2x 16340 Li-ion battery or
2x Battery CR123
(not included)
Permissible voltage range of the diode controller & NBS

; 2.75-8, 4V Lighting Time 1000 lumen-3.1 hours,
300 lumen-4.5 hours,
60 lumen-20 hours,
1 Lumen-47 days,
Times given for 3400mAh battery Flashlight Housing Aviation Aluminum 6N01c Casing Color Black Waterproof Yes, degree of protection IP68 Fall Resistance 1.5 m Dimensions Length: 121.5 mm,
Diameter: 25.8 mm Weight 73g without battery Contents Flashlight Xtar WK18,
Spare O-Ring Warranty 24 months old

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